PTI awarded Phase 1 SBIR from NIH

August 31, 2016

PTI has been awarded a Phase 1 SBIR for research toward "Receptor-targeted Neuroendocrine Tumor Imaging with Generator-produced Cu-62" in collaboration with Dr. Mark Green and Dr. James Fletcher of Indiana University. This project will pair key expertise from PTI in radionuclide production and distribution with Indiana University's experience in receptor-targeted whole-body PET/CT imaging. The proposed outcome of this research, post FDA approval, is for the PET imaging field to have access to clinical-grade generator-produced Cu-62 radionuclide and associated kits for on-site compounding of important cancer diagnostic agents. Successful outcomes in this research would pave the way for increased availability of PET imaging procedures in clinics and significantly reduced cost-per-dose for medical facilities that do not have their own radionuclide production capabilities.

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